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“Think global and act Local” is an old saying but still holds firm in all business grounds. Even big multinationals are encouraged to build local roots initially.
At Xtracare IT Solution, we focus on Local SEO (Search engine optimization) which is one of the most efficient and cost effective way of driving thousands of online potential customer to your website. No doubt that traditional SEO (search engine optimization) can drive significant traffic to your website however; local seo, target customers in your locality who are easily accessible / reachable .Now day’s customers also prefer service providers who are in proximity and local.
More potential clients, More Business and long term relationship
Local search engine rankings are results of many factors which play a significant role in both on-site and off-site. The ground rules still remain same as traditional global search engine optimization. The main differences are the separate local business pages, client’s reviews and local social engagement in Facebook, twitter and Google + that Google is very aware of.

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