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The use of mobile devices has been increasing like a forest fire. According to different surveys carried out by leading firms, mobile search has increased by at least four times, since 2010. This has led many website owners to transition their website according to mobile platforms. A lot of users have shifted directly towards accessing websites from their mobile devices, which provides them with the portability and comfort of accessing information on-the-go. This is the reason that mobile websites and web development has touched greater heights in the past years.

The normal websites, when accessed through a mobile device are not compatible with screen size and operating standards. This makes it necessary to design websites according to mobile standards and specifications.
Xtracare IT Solution covers website designing services for all the major operating systems in mobile devices:

  • iOS(for Apple devices)
  • Windows for mobile
  • Symbian OS
  • Blackberry OS
  • Android
  • Palm 

How Xtracare IT Solution Will Serve You in This…!!!
We offer high-quality and first-class services in this domain with stress on complete user satisfaction. The expert teams on our end are fully qualified to meet your targets and provide you with results, which will be helpful in increasing your ROI.
Benefits that can be availed through mobile website design are numerous. To list a few:

  • Provides enhanced portability to your customers
  • Faster loading of pages for quick access
  • Fully cross-compatible on every platform
  • Get new business leads by targeting a much larger audience
  • Smooth navigation throughout the website with additional advantage of supporting various functionalities in a device, especially touch devices.
  • A great benefit for your SEO campaigns, thereby increasing your credibility among customers
  • Improves your web presence
  • Makes your site highly competitive

We are always targeted towards growth and value our customers in the same way. The software experts are always motivated by allowing them to strike a balance between work and play. This helps them to achieve greater results in the times of stress and short-deadlines. Being associated with diverse industries for providing IT services, we have managed to keep ourselves updated with latest technologies and standards.
The technologies we are currently working on:

  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • .NET

There is no stopping to the advantages of getting a website developed for mobile platforms. The final outcomes of this procedure largely depend upon the approach that is being considered from our side. We always welcome the valuable suggestions from our clients and then combine them with our expertise to formulate an individually-tailored approach that matches the true requirement of your business.
For providing mobile web design, the approach and strategies implied from our end will include:

  • True analysis of your business requirements for understanding your need to develop a mobile website
  • Documentation of your business objectives and domain to understand the targeted traffic
  • Getting a know-how of your existing strategies and how will they affect the new ones
  • Planning and formulation of strategies based on research (with team members, project managers and the client)
  • Designing of a “responsive layout” for your website to aid interactivity
  • Simple, Precise and completely appropriate design, which will be fully-oriented according to your business vertical
  • Clear and crisp navigation for enhancing user-experience
  • Design will be compatible in a way that functionalities will support touch as well as traditional mobile devices
  • After the completion of development work, a fully-extensive testing procedure will be followed to ensure the quality of final outcome

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