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Xtracare IT Solution

Xtracare Business Solutions Private Limited, the parent company of Xtracare IT Solution, was founded in 2010. It is a full-spectrum IT services and industry solution providers.The Company is run by two entrepreneurs- Mr. Manmohan Rajesh and Mr. Nirbhay Kushwaha.We are people in the website business with solid principles, where everyone benefits: customer, employee and company.We started business with only few clients but now we have many satisfied clients across the India. From the very beginning, we have serviced numerous top level companies, executed the most demanding projects and churned out masterpieces.We have a good balance of designers, programmers and leaders.Our diverse talented team is our greatest asset.We have a base of technical consultants who can design pages for clients. Flexible solutions for your business needs.


 We are highly client-oriented and quality-conscious and our portfolio basket includes a wide range of services and solutions in the area of Business Applications, Product Development, Offshore Development and Web / E-Commerce Applications. It is our endeavor to understand your business and its direction, the complexities of your operations, your workflow and your priorities. This way we can offer you technology solutions that provide business value and are customized for your business needs.

  Our Core Values
*Customer satisfaction comes first
 * Provide safe and conducive workspace
* Timeliness - in deliverables, in meetings and in attendance
* Commitment to excellence and quality
* Zero tolerance for non-performance, negligence and indiscipline
* Mentoring
* Issues, disputes and conflict resolution in a timely manner
* Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge Management
* Employee empowerment for innovativeness
* Employee satisfaction
* Teamwork
* Professionalism
* Equal opportunity employer without compromise

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